After 5 great years in business, we have closed our doors on Mishawaka Ave in South Bend, Indiana to focus more on our product line of Sauntays Originals and future endeavors that will best serve you. Thank you all who have supported our vision for our salon over the years. We appreciate your business, the customer loyalty, referrals and look forward to earning your business again as we enter the next phase in the consumer sector.

Our Product line of Sauntays Originals can still be purchased online @ sauntaysoriginals.com.

For Lock Grooming and Natural Hair Care needs you can see Master Loctician Keys (AKA Wonderhandz) at the Lock Loft, Etc - Sola Salon 1238 University Drive Studio 22 Granger IN 45630. 574-298-5397.


Willie & Akesma McGlown